Noble drops

Life is too short to drink bad wine... For this reason, at Maciaconi we only consider true quality.

Life as a grape ain't too bad: Pampered by the sun for 300 days a year, grown up in an extraordinary terroir and nurtured with love to perfection... It's the dream. On the other hand, sampling the final product is arguably even better, and that is exactly what you can do in our shop. Grapes thrive in South Tyrol, and that fact can clearly be tasted. Using he lethal combination of tradition, experience and creativity, our homeland's vintners are somehow able to create wines that not only express their territory and grape variety, but the individual style of the estates as well. The harmonic fusion of nature and know-how results in spectacular wines which are guaranteed to appeal to wine lovers. Do NOT leave South Tyrol without tasting them!






Masi Agricola



Villa Laviosa