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Enthusiasm for sport

Sport means physical and psychological well-being. Sport is synonymous with nature and health. We consider ourselves to be promoters of sport for adults and children alike, because we like plenty of physical activity in the open air. We actively support sporting activities throughout the valley, and strongly discourage any form of activity that might be harmful to the health or the environment.

To this end, we are delighted to support numerous sporting initiatives and various sports and cultural associations in Val Gardena.

We are currently sponsoring the following:
- FC Gherdeina – soccer
- Sci Club Val Gardena
- Broomball Club S. Cristina
- Tennis Club Ortisei
- Tennis Club S. Cristina – Selva

Zett Lifestyle

A brand new newspaper supplement exclusively for you!

On 14 December, the Sunday newspaper Zett contained a Lifestyle supplement dedicated exclusively to Maciaconi. Along with numerous photos, this edition contains a wealth of interesting information – functional underwear, tomorrow’s fashion trends, and Maciaconi’s stores in general.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to look through our supplement, drop into one of our stores and we will be delighted to give you one. But you can get a quick glimpse here, too.